Кассовые аппарат Sharp ER-A421


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Артикул: ERA421

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With excellent hospitality features usually available on higher-end cashregisters the ER-A421 is ideal for the hospitality market. The table management system enables full table tracking including sophisticated bill separation functionality to split bills by item, number of person or amount. The built-in printer can be used for kitchen receipt printing and related guest bill issuing later on. For any busy multi-operator business the overlap clerk system ensures quick customer service.

  • 2 station quick and silent thermal printer with auto cutter function
  • Flexible water proof flat keyboard
  • Superior table management
  • 6 departments as standard up to 99
  • 2.000 PLUs as standard with 3 price level
  • Up to 99 Guest tables
  • Up to 50 clerks, optional Dallas key system connectable
  • Built-in kitchenprinter function including sort receipt printing